1% is a Lot More Than it Sounds

You might have discussed your retirement plans with a different financial advising agency and thought you received a really reasonable fee schedule. Many retirement plan brokers operate by offering a 1% rate for your regularly scheduled annual fees on your account balance. This figure might sound low but over time, that 1% (also known as a wrap fee) adds up and can substantially cut into your returns. Let’s explore an example of how this works:

Elderly couple looking disappointed after counting their savings.


In this example, let’s say that an individual opens a retirement account with $200,000 and remains fully invested until the age of 90 at 5% growth with no withdrawals. This person (let’s call her Jill) pays a 1% fee every year on their initial $200,000 investment. Jill’s 1% fee will be in effect from age 65-90.


If Jill’s investment grows at a 5% rate compounded annually, she will enjoy $413,666 of growth by the time she reaches 90. Sounds great, right?

Not So Fast

Here comes the 1% - AKA wrap fees.

There’s a common misconception that these annual fees apply only to your initial investment. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The 1% gets tagged onto your balance every year, meaning that as your account grows, so do the fees.

The Damage

Over the lifetime of the investment, on $413,666 of total growth, that one percent amounts to $86,870 in fees by the time Jill reaches the age of 90 - or 21% of the account’s total growth. That is a staggering amount!

What Does This Mean for Jill?

What initially seemed like a minuscule amount, over the lifetime of the investment, ended up being almost half of the initial $200,000 investment. That $86,870 is money that is not earning interest or creating additional income for Jill. Economists call this problem “lost opportunity cost.”

Get the Most Out of Your Money with Annuities

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